Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Devastated and angered by the news of the truck-bomb in Nasiriyah that killed 14 Italians, mainly Carabinieri. These deaths are on Berlusconi's head, for having involved our country and its men in an illegal and unjust war, in support of the aggressor's occupation armies. The Carabinieri are a fine force with a long-established reputation for honesty and courage - which I can personally attest - and like other Italian troops, are experienced and highly-regarded as peacekeepers on UN and Nato missions. They should NEVER have been deployed to back the illegal occupation of Iraq. My heart bleeds for these men and their families. We as a nation should NEVER have compromised our principles and values in this manner, hoping - at the most - for commercial gain from American favour. Berlusconi, with his P2, CIA and Mafia ties, is a TRAITOR to his country and must fall.

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