Sunday, February 01, 2004

The double suicide-bombings of Kurdish party headquarters

Shocked, saddened at this latest tragedy - but not surprised. Unfortunately crappy US pre-war info on Iraq wasn't limited to WMDs but total off-the-wall crappiness also extended to probable course of events, post-"liberation" (what a black, tragic joke)! Pandora's Box. Remember warnings about "destabilization" - well, this is what that abstract term looks like in the real, physical world: broken, bleeding corpses.

"Religious extremism" has nothing to do with this despite the usual spin, it's a straight anti-Kurdish strike (Kurds are Sunni too but support US and enjoy US support = for their own purposes ..)... Religious disguise used here merely for access. Now of course there will be Kurdish retaliations, too much to hope that the Kurds with their peshmerga militias etc will take this lying down.. so blood will flow even more freely in this martyred country.. the "balkanization" of Iraq proceeds inexorably step by step in its descent into ever-increasing horror.

My helpless sorrow and deepest sympathy to all Iraqis alike.

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