Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Today's black news: the Karbala and Baghdad bombings....

Blogs are at least partly for venting? So it's excusable if I say what I'm feeling now - beyond the purely "rational"?

In a word: dread.

The same ...don't quite know how to express it - fear of uncontrollable chain reactions? that I have been feeling since 9/11 together with the horror and sorrow, a fear that something obscure is happening and we're on the verge of a precipice - all of us, the whole world... and there is only one course, one precise, difficult, very narrow path ... a path "through the labyrinth"...that can avert this tremendous danger - but no-one really knows where it lies. But if "we" - meaning not just "one country" or "one people" or "one" anything - too many threads, too many "players", too many factors involved... get it WRONG ...if "we" make and keep on making the wrong moves (and I sincerely believe the invasion of Iraq was a wrong move.. ) the chain reaction will inexorably build up, play out... follow its full course to disaster ...for ALL of us..

STILL in time to stop it though - but more and more difficult as the mistakes pile up.

This feeling is extremely strong just now - for what it's worth.

Sorry this sounds so freaked out.

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