Friday, March 06, 2009

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Samouni Street, Gaza

Samouni Street is the scene of one of the most notorious incidents in the recent conflict in Gaza.
Palestinian human rights workers say 29 members of the extended Samouni family died, virtually all in an Israeli tank or air strike on a house where about 100 people were gathered.

The corpses and dead animals have been removed, but six weeks after the ceasefires, those left living are only beginning to grasp the extent of their losses.

Ahmed Samouni, 16, was trapped for four days with the bodies of his three brothers, mother and several other relatives. He and three children with him were found barely conscious.

Ahmed now lives nearby. He was passing the site where his brothers died, as well as his own destroyed home, after buying bread.

"Nobody Left"

"I used to sleep here. That was my brother’s bedroom."
"I feel I have nobody left from my family. I feel nothing is left for me in this life," he says.



* 1455 Gazans killed

* 5350 Gazans injured


* 14,000 homes

* 219 factories

* 240 schools

(UNDP estimates)

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