Thursday, April 01, 2004

Despite the disingenuous reactions in US media, the horrors of the Falluja crowd's lynching of US private security agents didn't come "from nowhere"...

Here's a quick checklist of the sequence of US actions that have culminated in this brutal mass attack against US personnel.

How the US has been treating the people of Falluja:

Air bombardments in initial invasion period;

April 28th, 2003: US forces fire on crowd in Falluja protesting invasion, killing 17 people and wounding 70;

April 30th, 2003: US forces again fire on protesting crowd, killing 3 more people and wounding another 16:

In the first six months of occupation, US forces killed at least a further 40 civilians and police in and around Falluja.

November 2003: Operation "Ivy Cyclone" and "Operation Iron Hammer" targeted Falluja with 500 lb bombs... followed by attack helicopters and paratroopers in armoured vehicles blowing up civilian properties death and destruction toll "not available"..

January 2004: US troops again fire on protesters = at least 3 killed, 5 seriously wounded

March 28th 2004: marines swept into Falluja - US forces killed at least 6 Iraqi civilians including an 11-year-old boy, and a TV cameraman


No, the vicious-circle cycle of revenge-and-retaliation between occupiers and occupied populations is NOT pretty, anywhere - ugly in Israel/Palestine, in Chechenya... and in Falluja too.

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